Just thought you’d like to know that my son, Sam, was very taken with the phone call. He was so moved by it that when he got home he cried he was so happy that Santa took the time to call HIM. “He said MY NAME TWICE Dad, he said SAM!”. He was so excited by it he wondered what was the special thing Santa was bringing him and is determined to be extra good to deserve it. He kept telling us how happy he was.

Of course now he wants something truly incredible in cost---oh well. This will probably be the last year that Sam believes  in Santa Claus, and I’m a little afraid he will broadcast in his class about his call. Life changes after that. But  the call tonight may make his last year the most special.
Danny B., Indiana

My 4-year-old daughter, Caitlin, is incredibly shy, but when Santa called, she got sooo excited! She hasn’t stopped talking about that phone call since. Thank you!
Madelyn G., Ohio

“How did Santa get my phone number?” my son, Justin, 6, asked after the call. We told him Santa’s magic. The call certainly had a magical effect on Justin who is starting to question whether Santa is real. He’s convinced after this call! What a great service! 
-- Casey G, Arkansas

When the phone rang last night and the caller ID said “North Pole,” I handed the phone to my son, Ethan, who is 6. His eyes got as big as saucers and was totally amazed that it was Santa! His excitement was priceless. Thank you so much!
-– Jim C., Oklahoma

Our daughter is leery of visiting Santa at the mall, but when he called her on the phone, Sarah got so excited! She had to call her grandma as soon as he hung up! She’s still thrilled and hasn’t stopped talking about her special call from Santa. Thank you for making our Christmas so special!
-– Amy R, New York

Friends at school have been telling our 7-year-old that Santa isn’t real. But after Santa called, Andy started dancing around shouting, “I knew it! He really IS real!” Thank you for letting our son believe for another year!
–- Justine C., North Carolina

I wanted to let you know what a special service you provide. Our son, Chris, 7, is adopted from Romania and still getting used to American customs and a family with two teen-age brothers. Chris calmly took the call from Santa, though his eyes were wide with amazement. Our teen boys burst out laughing, but played along when Chris became wildly excited after hanging up.  Thank you for creating one of the most heartwarming evenings in our family that I can remember!
–- Carrie G, Illinois

Jenny was ecstatic when Santa called last night! Thank you for creating a special memory for her – and for us!
–- John B., Iowa

After Santa called last night, our son was so thrilled.  Austin has been skeptical of Santa from the beginning, but after talking to Santa last night, he said, “I didn’t know if Santa was real, but now I KNOW he’s real!” Thank you!!
-– Mike A., Florida

I had to hold my 3-year-old daughter, Maya, on my lap while we both listened to Santa’s call. I was amazed at how authentic he sounded and she was absolutely spellbound! Thank you for such a wonderful service!
--  Laura R., West Virginia

There was just no getting our 5-year-old to bed last night after Santa called. Alex was just so excited! We’ll certainly remember this Christmas forever! Thank you.
–- Jonathan S., Georgia